"My child loves reading because of your library."
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Facebook post from Trudy (May 20):
I was leaving Namirembe Primary today. A parent stopped me. She said, "My child loves reading because of your library. I don't think you can possibly know the change your library has brought to the students. The reading culture in Uganda is low, but your libraries have changed that in the schools, like ours, that have libraries. The students love to go to the library. If they have any free time, they ask to go read books. I just wanted you to know what a blessing the library has been to my family and this school."

Executive Director Trudy Marshall returned to Uganda on January 25 after spending 6 months at the Libraries of Love headquarters in Texas. She has been busy organizing her next 6 months, meeting with librarians and making it to the start of the semester for schools in Mbale. She'll split time between Kampala and Mbale visiting schools, meeting with and training librarians, plus taking care of all the support issues. If you want to keep up with her posts, please Like our Facebook page.You can see highlights of her posts on the Facebook link on this website.

From preparation, to boxes of books, to beautiful libraries

May 1, 2015 - We started unloading the truck this morning at 6 am. So thankful for Pastor Wilberforce who helped oversee the work and the young men from his church who made a game of unloading over 400 boxes. When the 2015 team arrives next month, it will then no longer be boxes of books, but beautiful libraries. We will create 3 new libraries and restock 11 with approximately 500 new books each.

If you look at the boxes, you will see E - Easy books, NF - nonfiction, etc. The stickers tell the names of the receiving schools.

Thanks also to Malele Collins who helped with preparation at Namatala Primary, which is where we downloaded.

Dell Volunteers - Spring 2015

We had a great Dell group work on May 15. They are returning volunteers who always accomplish so much.  This time they completed 19 boxes, which was all we had. Pictured are James Greren, Shyrla Zapata, Kathy Hicks, Pablo Harrsch, Thang Pham, Michael Bishop, Daniel Rounds, Kristina Phillips, Amanda Zapata,and Diana Watkins. Not pictured was Randy Maynard. 

Thanks to publishers for 2015 book donations

Donating books for 2015

Bellwether Books,

Mackin Educational Resources,

Davidson Titles,

Rainbow Book Company,

Moody Publishers,

Bearport Publishing,

Bruce Hale,

The Penworthy Company,

Crabtree Publishers

Bound to Stay Bound Books

Each year we are thankful for the many publishers from across the country who provide us with books. Click "Read more ..." below to see photos of some of the books received  from publishers this year..

2015 Books begin their long trip to Uganda

Feb. 26, 2015 - Libraries of Love board member Jim Matthews and his wife, Ellen, also a Libraries of Love volunteer, were on hand to oversee loading of the container for its two-month long trip to Uganda.

The shipment will go by sea from Houston to Mombasa, Kenya, and then by truck to Uganda. Excitedly waiting on the other end for arrival in early May is Executive Director Trudy Marshall.

She will be joined by volunteers in June to create libraries in 3 new schools with student populations totaling about 6,000. St. Jana Secondary-Bombo, along with Zion Primary and Kitante Primary will receive libraries, and 11 schools will be restocked with approximately 500 new books each.

"Walk to Read" provides books and funding

Laurel Mountain students walk to honor Ugandan students and collect donations.

Laurel Mountain Elementary and Forest Creek Elementary held their "walk to read" events in January. Other schools plan walks later in the year.

Seventh grade language arts students at Cedar Valley Middle School began promotional writing for their school-wide Walk to Read fundraiser. Read about their venture into marketing for the May event in this article that ran in the local newspaper: "Cedar Valley students enter advertising world."

The walks honor students in Uganda who walk long distances to school and read upon arrival. The walk idea was conceived three years ago by Jan Richards, principal at Laurel Mountain Elementary, where Executive Director Trudy Marshall served as librarian for 10 years. LME helped facilitate the first Ugandan library in 2005 and has continued their support through kind words, books, and funding each year.

For two weeks preceding the walk LME students collected donations from family and friends, brought them to school on walk day, and then celebrated with  "walk to read" programs.

Students volunteering to make a difference

Video Tributes

What wonderful work by two Laurel Mountain Elementary students. Each did a short video about Libraries of Love and their school's involvement with us since the beginning. Thanks to Mihit and Henry. You can watch their videos on YouTube:

Young philanthropists

The Pflugerville High School Interact Club shared their experiences with Libraries of Love at Pflugerville Rotary. They do many good projects in the community.

Thanks to both for their longstanding support.

Click to see photo.

A banner day

Matthew, a student at Laurel Mountain Elementary, served as spokesman for a banner display at the school for Executive Director Trudy Marshall before her departure. Last year, he went door to door collecting books.

Click to see photos

Volunteers complete five new libraries

Click to watch a video of this year's projects from volunteer Janeal Schmidt

Executive Director Trudy Marshall had great fun being the first person to introduce classes to their new library at Grace Primary.


June 14, 2014 - Five libraries serving 5,000 children have been completed. Now a total of 65,000 children have had access to books thanks of our incredible volunteers and donors. Each is truly a library of love - God's love for these students shining through. This year's volunteers included a mother-daughter team and a mother-son, along with two ladies who have been life-long friends. We had first-time travelers and one volunteer who made fifth trip.The team was excellent. They worked together smoothly and enjoyed each others company. And, of course, the libraries are beautiful.

The following schools received libraries:
Light Mixed Primary School    
   - 1,000 students
Boma Primary School
   - 400 students
Grace Primary School
   - 1,200 students
Seroma Secondary School
   - 1,200 students
Muluku Secondary School
   - 1,200 students 

Students at Seroma Secondary show off new books.

Celebrating 10 years of service in Uganda

Click to read Newsletter.

June 23, 2014 - Libraries of Love Executive Director Trudy Marshall has just a little less than a month remaining on her 6-month stay in Uganda this year. In this update emailed to supporters she has lots to share, including the grand 10-year celebration of Libraries of Love’s work in Uganda, the creation of 5 new libraries by volunteers from Texas and Kansas, and meetings of our librarians from 7 cities. She also shares the amazing story of Lodiwo and Namary.  Email eddie@librariesoflove.org if you would like to be added to the newsletter email list.

Click to watch celebration video.

Thankful for past support and looking to the future


800 students served

4,500 students helped

4,000 new students


3,000 students reached

5,000 students touched

5,000 more have books


4,600 students enriched

5,000 students get books

We are an all-volunteer organization that relies on the community to help create libraries in Ugandan schools. We are located near Austin, TX, and volunteers from Dell are a huge part of our success story.


7,100 students benefit

24 libraries restocked; 2 new

Since 2005, Libraries of Love has created libraries in 34 schools and reached a total of 65,000 students. In addition, volunteers provide student fees and meals.